Broadway Dreams has solidified its position over the past decade as a leading provider of arts education services throughout the United States — and, with that, has come the recent demand to bring the organization’s trailblazing methodologies abroad. International partnerships of the highest level signify the importance of the performing arts in further intercultural understanding and allow the Broadway Dreams faculty to engage and inspire artists in countries around the globe, including:


Beginning in 2016, for the first time in the history of United States-Russian relations, the United States Department of State and United States Embassy in Russia launched an exclusive musical theatre initiative, in association with Broadway Dreams and the worldwide producing entity Stage Entertainment.

Each year, a team of the finest professionals from the New York stage led by Broadway Dreams travel to Moscow to empower professional Russian performers with training in acting, vocal performance, and dance. The program culminates in a main-stage production comprised of numbers curated from the musical theatre canon, as well as private audiences with and performances for official dignitaries.


Also in 2016, Broadway Dreams joined forces with Deberton Entertainment, a Brazilian film and theatre production company, for an annual residency entitled Broadway Brazil!

Driven by the objective of developing local talent to catalyze the growth of the Brazilian entertainment industry, the program provided dozens of aspiring young artists from throughout Brazil with free in depth training in acting, vocal performance, and dance — unlike anything to which they had been exposed before. Technical craftsmanship is enhanced with masterclasses and dialogues on storytelling in musical theatre, as well as opportunities for performance in Brazil. The training period ends with a main-stage performance featuring both students and faculty.